Gard SilverGard Railroad Engine Oil

Product Description

Gard™ SilverGard™ Railroad Engine Oil is formulated using a state-of-the-art additive package increasing wear protection, soot control, and thermal stability in the latest GE and EMD engines designed for use with low sulphur and ultra-low sulphur fuels. SilverGard is ideal for use in railroad locomotives, marine power plants using locomotive type engines, and locomotive engines used in power generation applications and oil and natural gas exploration and development. Additionally, SilverGard yields greater than 9 TBN and 1% sulphated ash level and is fully compatible with older engines formerly using higher TBN oils and high sulphur fuels.

Utilizing LMOA 6th generation technology, SilverGard Railroad Engine Oil provides:

  • Outstanding engine cleanliness
  • Minimization of blocked ports on two-stroke cycle engines
  • Protection against sludge and varnish formation
  • A zinc- and chlorine-free formulation that prevents corrosion of copper and brass
  • Extended drain intervals per manufacturer’s recommendations

SilverGard Railroad Engine Oil is available in the following viscosity grades: SAE 40 RREO, 20W-40 RREO.

Product SKU Size Product Name
587411 1/55 Gal SilverGard REO SAE 40
590274 1/275 Gal SilverGard REO SAE 40
587235 Bulk SilverGard REO SAE 40
590291 1/55 Gal SilverGard REO SAE 20W-40
590282 1/275 Gal SilverGard REO SAE 20W-40
589020 Bulk SilverGard REO SAE 20W-40
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