Gard™ Non-Conductive Hydraulic Fluid

Product Description

Gard™ Non-Conductive Hydraulic Fluid is a stabilized non-zinc ashless anti-wear hydraulic fluid developed to meet the requirements of systems which operate in the vicinity of electrical applications. This oil is formulated to meet all basic industry standards of outside and industrial oils of this type.


Gard Non-Con Hydraulic Fluid provides high dielective strength, environmentally friendly, good protection against rust and corrosion, good water separation, and resists foaming.


Recommended in outdoor and mobile hydraulic equipment such as aerial lifts, boom trucks, or cherry pickers where electrical conductivity or other concerns restrict the use of zinc containing oils or where equipment manufacturers recommend the use of this kind of fluid. Gard Non-Con Hydraulic Fluid may be used in all systems with gear, vane, and piston pumps where premium anti-wear fluids would be recommended.


  • Free of zinc and ash forming components
  • Meets requirements for use in electrical applications
  • Environmentally friendly for aquatic and marine applications
  • Meets EPA requirements for acute toxicity in aquatic life
  • Additive approved for USDA HX-01
  • Good water separation characteristics
  • Excellent low-temperature service
  • Low foaming tendencies
Product SKU Size Product Name
502506 1/5 gal Non-Con Hydraulic Oil ISO 32
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