Gard Multi-Purpose EP #2 Lithium Grease

Product Description

Gard™ Multi-Purpose EP #2 Lithium Grease is fortified with specialty additives providing outstanding extreme pressure protection in a variety of temperatures and uses, extending service life in parts subjected to high pressure and shock loading.

Gard Multi-Purpose EP #2 Lithium Grease is recommended for extended service use in industrial applications including roller and ball bearings, electric motor bearings, throw-out bearings, universal joints, chassis, and fifth wheels.

Gard’s Multi-Purpose EP #2 Lithium Grease is designed to provide:

  • Superior extreme pressure (EP) performance
  • Compatibility with most greases via lithium/calcium mixed base thickener
  • High loading and shock loading capacity
  • No water washout via a water insoluble formula
  • Extended service intervals
Product SKU Size Product Name
574602 1/35# Multi-Purpose EP #2 Grease
574611 1/120# Multi-Purpose EP #2 Grease
574688 1/400# Multi-Purpose EP #2 Grease
501970 40/14 Oz Multi-Purpose EP #2 Grease
574645 50/14 Oz Multi-Purpose EP #2 Grease
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