Gard HydraGard Compressor Oil

Product Description

Gard™ HydraGard™ Compressor Oil is formulated from premium base oils and combined with state-of-the-art ashless antiwear additives to provide maximum performance for air and gas compressor pistons, bearings, and valves.

HydraGard Compressor Oil meets all domestic and international specifications for air and gas compressor oils and provides:

  • Excellent thermal stability allows oil to perform in high-temperature systems
  • Prevention of rust and corrosion of copper and brass materials
  • Excellent filterability via hydrolytic stability
  • Foam resistance and prevention of heat buildup in system
Product SKU Size Product Name
594048 Bulk Compressor Oil 32
594056 Bulk Compressor Oil 46
594064 Bulk Compressor Oil 68
594072 Bulk Compressor Oil 100
594081 Bulk Compressor Oil 150
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