Gard GardWay Machine Way Lubricants

Product Description

When it comes to moving parts on manufacturing machinery, there is no room for error or production can be hindered. Gard™ GardWay™ Machine Way Lubricants are formulated using premium base oils and specialty additives to meet the tough requirements often found in a manufacturing environment. GardWay is designed for use in ways of lathe machines, milling machines, boring machines, and other machine tools where moving parts slide over each other in addition to machine tool applications that require dual purpose hydraulic way oil.

To keep costly downtimes at a minimum, GardWay Machine Way Lubricants provide:

  • A viscous hydrodynamic film for protection against wear and chatter
  • Protection against rust and corrosion
  • Excellent stick-slip friction characteristics
  • Extreme pressure performance
  • Long lubricant life
  • Reduces wear rates

GardWay Machine Way Lubricants are available in the following viscosity grades: 68, 100, 150, 220, 320.


Product SKU Size Product Name
569395 1/55 Gal GardWay Waylube ISO 68
592923 1/275 Gal GardWay Waylube ISO 68
571508 Bulk GardWay Waylube ISO 68
594161 Bulk GardWay Waylube ISO 100
594179 Bulk GardWay Waylube ISO 150
594857 1/55 Gal GardWay Waylube ISO 220
500641 1/275 Gal GardWay Waylube ISO 220
586187 Bulk GardWay Waylube ISO 220
594865 1/55 Gal GardWay Waylube ISO 320
586208 Bulk GardWay Waylube ISO 320
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